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    Different Colors Low Moq Private Label Eyebrow Styling Soap Gel

    Different colors for eyeshadow soap for your options, white, pink, black, gold, silver, always one colors suits for your brand style. And clear product in the case, easy to use and blend, eyebrow styling soap can create excellent effect! Outline and fill in any sparse areas in the brows, then blend with the spoolie to smooth out any harsh lines. Before eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder, applying the eyebrow soap gel will make your eyebrows look three- dimensional, natural and thick. Also made of mild and non irritating materials, the brow styling soap are safe to your skin and brows. 100% brand new and cruelty free, eyebrow soap private label also waterproof, can make your brow makeup perfect a long time.

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  • High Quality Waterproof Private Label Eyebrow Styling Soap Gel With Brush

    Easy to use and apply, this eyebrow styling soap is made of natural safe material, strict standards, no harm to your skin. And all-natural and organic formula of eyebrow gel soap is designed specifically for brows. This eyebrow gel waterproof can be used before using eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help make eyebrow makeup last longer. Also eyebrow soap private label can make your eyebrows clear, effective fixation, play a role in protecting eyebrows. Eyebrow gel with brush for multiple purposes, a 90-degree spiral eyebrow brush, used for eyebrow combing or as an eyelash brush. Angled eyebrow brush, used to outline and fill the contours of the brow. And beautiful package, perfect gift to friends.

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